I’ve been revised: revisedMEDIA


I’ve been revised: revisedMEDIA.

So I’ve been dropping hints that I am now part of a photography collective, revisedMEDIA. What is it you ask?

Well, what is a photography collective to begin with? A photography collective seeks to promote the works of artists, help with promotion of events, workshops, and exposure to more people in general. revisedMEDIA also happens to work with many different artists based out of Los Angeles, CA including designers and artists. The example you’re probably acquainted with is Magnum Photos, and if you’re street-smart, probably Burn My Eye.

Allow me to introduce our members:

Oracio Alvarado, convinced me to join. I agreed for several reasons:

  1. One person can only have so much influence. No matter how many followers one may have, their opinion is just one of many. Because adding voices helps amplify our work even more, we can reach out and resonate with more people.
  2. In the genre of street photography, where trademarking is discouraged, it’s hard to gain recognition and much too easy to be lost among the flood of talent. By consolidating and collectively working on exhibitions and projects, we as a whole can associate ourselves with a brand that will represent us appropriately.
  3. Last but most important! I can meet some amazing people and have a chance to work on

So how do I hope to revise myself? I feel like an abject centrality these days: feeling neglected but simultaneously having a lot I want to say. Through this collective I hope to grow as a photographer, and evolve my works of art.

Stay tuned for our first project.

&& Phil

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